The City of Leeton Mayor is the chief administrator of the City and is elected by voters in the city.  Listed below are just a few of the responsibilities.

  • Overseeing the performance of all City departments
  • Implementing policies and ideas adopted by Board of Alderman
  • Ensuring that all projects, operations, and functions of the City operate efficiently
  • Ensuring all Local, State, and Federal laws are followed by the City
  • Responding to citizen concerns

The Mayor also works to develop the City's annual budget and works with other mayors and elected officials in the region.

The current mayor is Taylor Elwell. Under Missouri law, mayors are elected to two-year terms. Mayor Elwell was elected in April 2015, with his term expiring in April 2017. Mayor Elwell has regular office hours at City Hall. Please contact us if you wish to meet with the mayor. 

Check out the Mayor's Column, a regular update on happenings in the city from Mayor Taylor Elwell.