June 2, 2020 Sewer/Water Bond Election Information

Frequently Asked Questions 

Provided by the City of Leeton for informational purposes only


What is on the ballot? 

On June 2, voters in Leeton will be asked to vote on a question to authorize a bond which will provide necessary and important upgrades to our water and sewer systems. Our current wastewater system is unable to meet new regulations that will be effective December 2022. Passing this bond will allow the city to complete upgrades to meet new sewer system standards and repaint the inside and outside of our water tower. The initial election scheduled for April 2020 was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and rescheduled for June 2, 2020. 

How will the funds be spent? 

Money from this bond will be spent to upgrade our existing sewer lagoon system and to perform needed maintenance (including repainting) on our water tower. In 2016, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR) released new restrictions for water leaving our lagoon which will go into effect in December 2022. Our current system is unable to meet those new standards, and additional upgrades to treat the wastewater in the sewer system are needed. Additionally, our drinking water tower is in need of repainting and resurfacing, both inside and outside, to keep our water safe and clean. It is estimated based on other recent work in the area that this cost will be approximately $300,000. 

Why can’t we just get a grant to pay for the upgrades? 

Even with available grants, there will still be costs to the community to complete the necessary upgrades. The City of Leeton applied for, and received, a grant to fund the initial study of wastewater treatment options, but this grant does not cover actual upgrades. Additional grants have been applied for. This bond proposal is the maximum of anticipated costs, and costs for upgrades may be less after any potential grants are received. The City of Leeton will continue to aggressively research and apply for all related grants to lessen future costs to our community. 

What is the exact ballot question? 

The ballot language reads, “Shall the City of Leeton, Missouri, issue its combined water and sewer system revenue bonds in an amount not to exceed $2,000,000 to acquire, renovate and improve its combined water and sewer system including, but not limited to, the renovation and improvement of the sewer system to assure compliance with environmental regulations and its operating permit and the refurbishing and painting of the existing water tower, the costs and maintenance of said combined water and sewer system and the principal of and interest on said combined water and sewer system revenue bonds to be payable solely from the revenues derived from the operation of its combined water and sewer system, including all future improvements and extensions thereto?”

Isn’t this more than we really need? 

No, actually this is the least expensive option to remain in compliance with new DNR regulations for our wastewater (sewer) system. Failing to remain in compliance with DNR regulations could stop future connections to our sewer system. In 2019, the City conducted a formal study for all sewer upgrade options that would meet the new regulations, which resulted in 3 main options that would meet new requirements. The proposed option is the lowest cost option. Other options were $2.1 million and $2.3 million. Additionally, this bond allows us to complete approximately $300,000 worth of maintenance to our water to continue to provide clean, safe water to our residents. 

How much will I pay if this passes? 

This bond will be repaid with water and sewer utility funds, which are already paid by water and sewer customers on their monthly utility bills. This is not a tax. 

Why do we need this? 

Our city water and sewer systems need upgrades to continue to meet strict DNR wastewater requirements and to be able to provide safe, clean drinking water to our community. This proposal is the best, lowest cost option to meet community needs and remain compliant with regulations.

Where can I find out more information? 

More information can be obtained by contacting City Hall at 660-653-4622, emailing Mayor Taylor Elwell at leetonmayor@gmail.com, visiting www.cityofleeton.com, or attending a Board of Aldermen meeting.