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The City of Leeton is pleased to announce it has received a $31,200 grant from the Department of Natural Resources Region F Solid Waste Management District. These funds will support the addition of a new playground structure at Grinstead Leeton Park.

The City of Leeton Park Board was established in 2015 to identify opportunities to enhance the City’s park and recreation system. The Park’s Comprehensive Plan creates a new 10 year vision with goals in providing a clean and safe park, green space, and recreational facilities. It identifies an area in which efficient recreational services are provided for the present and future needs of Leeton families, community members and those visiting Grinstead Memorial Park. The park board has been committed to improving existing facilities while seeking opportunities and partnerships for future development and to improve the quality of life for all citizens.

The City of Leeton Playground Installation and Recycling Education Plan will serve as both a waste reduction mechanism and a teaching tool for community members and students. This project will divert 1530 lbs of waste, including aluminum, steel, plastics, and cardboard, from a landfill through the purchase of playground equipment constructed of recycled materials.

Additionally, this project will create a community education point about recycling and waste diversion through a unique collaboration with the Leeton R-X School District. This project will expand students’ knowledge of products from and impacts of recycling, thus improving the likelihood that they will participate in recycling and waste diversion.
Jennifer Corson, Leeton Parks Board President, is ready to begin the installation process of the playground and is looking forward to the benefit it will bring to the families and community of Leeton. “We are so excited to have received this grant through DNR and look forward to the installation of the playground structure for the families of Leeton. Not only will this be a great addition to our park, but it will also be a learning opportunity for our community children, in partnership with Leeton R-X School. With the funding of this grant will also bring forth opportunities to get students and younger children involved in the upkeep and beautification of the park. We can’t wait to have this project fully completed for our community”, stated Jennifer.

Completion of the playground structure is set for Summer 2018.